7 May 2014 Flygt is headquartered in Sweden's capital Stockholm, ITT-Flygt company was founded in 1901, is the world's largest pump manufacturing -ITT 


ITT FLYGT SUBMERSIBLE PUMP M25-15-6AA, 3152.091-6142, 460/230V, 10” DISCHARGE. $3,550.00. or Best Offer. Local Pickup. FLYGT PL 7050/680 vertical submersible pump

BS-2008.211 Specifications: Discharge: 2.0" Rated Output: 1.15 HP Full Load Amps: 9.8 A Volts: 115 V Pump Dimensions: 7-5/16" W x 17-3/4" H Weight: 25 lbs. Maximum Capacity: 90 gpm Made in Sweden 2020-01-16 · MINE GATHERING PUMP . 2G-2658A FLYGT CORP 04/10/73 TYPE DBF-75-GH, 440/575 VAC, (Name changed to ITT Water & Wastewater AB) 3 PH, 60 HZ WITH ONE 5 HP MOTOR, (Transferred to Xylem Dewatering Solutions, Inc.) SUBMERSIBLE PUMP . 2G-2672A JOY MFG CO 05/11/73 440 VAC, 3 PH, 60 HZ WITH TWO 50 HP MOTORS, CONTINUOUS PILLAR 110v 1500w 25m3/h 25m pressure german high pressur solar submers water pump 6kw 300 m3/h flygt submersible pump Free shipping On-time delivery Ready to Ship $264.00-$288.00 / Piece Three large ITT Flygt Submersible Pumps - Power Guide Kw 67-75Kw.

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The new 60-Hz models, which have motor sizes ranging between 6 and 13 hp and voltage ranges between 220 and ITT Flygt, the world’s leading submersible pump manufacturer, has increased its rental selection and improved its service package. Offering direct rent and re-rent possibilities for pumps and auxiliary equipment used in construction, mining, and wastewater handling markets. Manufacturer and distributor of submersible pumps and agitators. ITT Flygt products and services are used in municipalities, industry, construction,mines and oil sands.

Flygt 2670.180 Large Portable Submersible Dewatering Pump 600V 25A ! Mr. Loranger was Chairman, President and CEO of ITT Corporation when it spun its water businesses off as Xylem in October 2011. Brands Flygt.

ITT Corp.’s Flygt submersible PL7000 Series propeller pumps move large volumes of liquid at low heads. They are smaller than nonsubmersible offerings, as the motor and hydraulics are integrated into one compact unit, resulting in smaller pumping stations that are less complex to build.

2 Your task. our Force. Xylem offers a broad range of Flygt pumps for construction, mining, municipalities, and other markets. We provide an industry-leading rental fleet, world-class engineering support, and true 24/7 service and support.

Itt flygt submersible pumps

Manufacturer and distributor of submersible pumps and agitators. ITT Flygt products and services are used in municipalities, industry, construction,mines and oil sands.

Flygt submersibles operate directly in the pumped liquid. This means low construction costs because Flygt pumps don’t require a special housing or a super-structure. Operating submerged also means that our pumps take up very little space, are quiet and do not need extra cooling. Flygt submersibles are smaller than non-submersible ITT Flygt's new hydraulic design, the 2600 Series, is launched this month and the company says it will provide longer periods of maintenance-free operation, even in the most demanding conditions. In 1947, Flygt engineer Sixten Englesson developed a prototype for the world's first submersible drainage pump, which came to be known as the parrot cage.

Flygt AB. Solna SE. E Albertsson. Lindås. 78-04-27. Larsson S. 7804825-3.

PumpEng® products are not associated with, endorsed by or sponsored by ITT-Flygt. Any use of the ITT Water & Wastewater offers turnkey wastewater pump station solutions to meet your requirements – Flygt TOP. all standard Flygt submersible pumps, the flush valve is a further weapon to reduce the need for manual cleaning and maintenance. It operates completely automatically, Peak Mechanical and Components, Inc. products (Apex Pumps, Components and parts) are not manufactured nor supplied by ITT Flygt™ / Xylem™ or any affiliate of ITT Flygt™ / Xylem™.

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Andritz Vertical Line Shaft FLYGT – Large Vertical Column Pumps Goulds – Line Shaft and Submersible Turbine See full list on waterworld. The ITT-Goulds VIC