612- 621 . 612- 621 Ad Gold Spain Visigoths Sisebut Av Tremissis Anacs Mint State 63. $1450.00


Tremissis: The tremissis was one of several old Byzantine gold coins. It was a fairly small coin that saw widespread for many centuries. Solidus: The solidus was a larger gold coin. It has significant historical value because it remained in use for centuries and inspired some other currencies. How can you assess the condition of Byzantine currency?

View prices realized. ▻ Sale information. Sale Details/Timetable · Terms of Sale AV tremissis. D N JVSTINIANVS P P AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed. 27 nov.

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∂ N CONSƮANƮINЧS P [P AV], diademed, drape | 100, Lno, List view, No cat. 3 dec. 2018 — Tremissis, around 630-640, unknown and unpublished type Dated by Mr. Pol, who also tested the gold grade. This is a Dutch archaeological  Reverse: VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath and globus cruciger; in right field, star; CONOB in exergue Ex NAC sale  Chr. Tremissis ø 15mm (1,53g).

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Tremissis var ett guldmynt i det romerska riket som präglades för första gången av kejsar Magnus Maximus cirka år 383. Värdet motsvarade en tredjedels solidus . Vikten var fastställd till 1/216 av det romerska pundet libra , det vill säga 1,51 gram rent guld (motsvarande 24 karat ).

Tremissis AB,556757-7837 - På allabolag.se hittar du , bokslut, nyckeltal, styrelse, Status EXCELLENT EXAMPLE. 8026.

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VISIGOTHS, Spain. Leovigild(?). 568-586. AV Tremissis (20mm, 1.29 g, 6h). Toledo(?) mint. Struck circa 573-578. +IRLVRVC CVRVRVI (first two Rs and first C retrograde), diademed and draped bust right; cross with crescents at corners on drapery / +INVRLVRV IVRVR (first two Rs retrograde), Victory advancing right, holding palm and wreath; • between legs; ONO (N retrograde) in exergue.

Coelwulf 'Two Emperors' Penny as seen in the Watlington Hoard.

Merovingian - Gold Tremissis | AMR Coins Valentinian III, Modern fake of an AV tremissis, struck by the Suevi in Valentinian's name. AD 425-455. 17mm, 1.42 g. DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right / Cross within two circles, the outer ones with additional wing-like sides. Star above. Mintmark CONOB.
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DN PLA VALENTINIANVS PF AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed EXCELLENT EXAMPLE. 8026. BYZANTINE LEAD SEAL, 8th century AD. 1.25 inches diameter. On the obverse the cruciform monogram denotes "Mother of God help your servant" On the reverse, the reading is ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΩ ΥΠΑΤΩ (Nikophoros Consul), the last word, hypatos, being a title (Greek for consul) not a part of the name.

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Lot 193 Spain - Medieval Germanic (409-711) Visigoths in Gaul. Pseudo-imperial issue. Gold Tremissis (1.46 g), 417-507. In the name of Zeno. D N ZENO + PERP

Tremissis - Leovigildo (575-586) Gold • 1.47 g CNV# 16 . Tremissis - Leovigildo (Cordoba) (575-586 Majorian. AV Tremissis, Ravenna mint. AD 457-461.